Deon Williams

A natural born entertainer, young Deon Williams, is the "Sound of Houston". Deon is quickly becoming a star in South East Houston. He is currently preparing himself to put his music on the map with his fresh new sounds and captivating dance moves. Growing up, Deon was in the choir most of his years in school. With natural dancing abilities he knew that he was destined for musical greatness.  Influenced by musical legends such as; The Temptations, Micheal Jackson, Usher, Boyz II Men, Ludacris, Kanye West, Chris brown, J.Cole. Deon decided that music was going to become a huge part of his life. Mr.Williams has made it his mission to become the best musician out of Houston, Texas. Deon credits his family and friends as positive influences in his budding music career. He would one day love to return the favor as being a positive role model to other young kids in his community who suffers from a brutal reality. Deon is now performing locally, while promoting his debut single "No Shots" and official music video for the entire world to see (which has also gained him more attention and acclaim)! One of Deon's many talents are gracing the runway as a professional modeling with his 6'2 inch frame. In addition to modeling, Deon Williams was also apart of a Hip-Hop dance team. With a fire in his belly burning like an erupted volcano, Deon will prove to be "The Sound That Will Make Us All Change"!!!

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