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N'Tuned Radio Show (New York)

Radio Interview with Deon Williams.

Urban Houston Network

Urban View with Ja'Leah D. (MediaEyeCon) Special Guest Deon Williams pt. 1

Urban Houston Network

Urban View with Ja'Leah D. (MediaEyeCon) Special Guest Deon Williams pt. 2


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Urban Houston Network (UHN) Channel 43-5

Deon Williams is our featured artist. His music video "No Shots (Drank) has already aired on our channel 43-5 and started gaining recognition within its first week! We're doing a live interview with Deon Williams to discuss his single. had to make a post in our artist snapshot for recording artist Deon Williams this week!

"Awesome song, i'll put this in rotation on my station"

"Deon Williams is now a featured Artist on, with his Official music video release, No Shots (Drank)."

Tyme2Shyne- The Big Time Radio Show

"Can't wait to see everything else you're working on fam. Hit us up anytime and we'll play it for sure, no doubt."

US1 Magazine - Gud Tymez Radio Show

"Deon, thanks so much for being on our show and for the great interview. I like your song by the way! It has a nice tune and is very catchy. Keep up the good work!"

TheComeup - Core 94

Deon I remember when i first saw you perform man, and i just gotta say you've came a long way and are a natural entertainer. Music is always on point and different. Good look.
- Dj Black D
Deon, I've heard a lot of great things about you and I just want to say i'm very impressed. I've seen you perform myself and you really surprised me! The Roses you gave out had all the ladies in your favor that night! 
- Radio Personality Nauti
Boy, you know how to keep the crowds attention for yourself man. You always bring something different to the table when it comes to music or just performing live. You're from Houston but your sound is just so diverse. I see why you call yourself #TheSound.
- Radio Personality Sherro